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Christianity Sex and Orgasm

What’s the Bible got to do with orgasms?
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A New Study Provokes a Question About Christian Education

The answer might depend on how you interpret the creation stories. Here’s’ why.

On 31 July 2016 a Yale University study of female orgasm was published in the Journal of Experimental Zoology. The biopsychology of sexuality is viewed from an evolutionary perspective but until this study, previous research and attendant explanations failed to reveal a clear link between human female orgasm and either the facilitation of fertilization or increasing the number of pregnancies. In addition, female orgasms do not occur on a regular basis during heterosexual intercourse but are more reliably produced by other methods due to female anatomy. In contrast, male orgasm is clearly linked to the movement of sperm toward an egg during intercourse.

The researcher’s inquiry considered the production of hormones during human female orgasm then looked for other animals that showed similar hormone surges as a part of copulation-induced ovulation. The findings indicate a specific role for female organism in animals where copulation stimulates ovulation suggesting that this type of reproduction preceded the relative independence of orgasm from reproduction in humans and other primates. They suggest that like other traits, human female orgasm may have persisted as a trait for secondary reasons—reasons not related to reproduction.

Christianity and Sexuality

When it comes to teaching about sex, contemporary Christians often refer to the Genesis union of Adam and Eve as an example of a God-blessed sexuality. The story has been used in many ways, including the idea held by some that the purpose of marriage is procreation.

The difficulty in understanding the purpose of female orgasm has puzzled scientists for years. The new research points in a new direction guided by evolutionary theory. In contrast, a strict creationist view offers no specific scientific guidance in how to understand the presence of female orgasm, which does not appear necessary for procreation.

One integration approach to such issues for students of biopsychology is to consider God as Creator and evolution as a process that is not inconsistent with either the Bible or new developments in science.

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Thoughts and Questions

Can Christians studying sexuality at a conservative Christian college or university obtain accurate information?

Will graduates from conservative Christian colleges and universities struggle to get into respectable graduate and professional schools if they do not understand the evolutionary bases that explain much of biology and biopsychology?

Will Christians from conservative colleges and universities suffer from a general disrespect in cultures where scientists are highly respected for advances in health care and technology?

How can scientists at conservative Christian colleges and universities deal with parents and donors who insist on teaching creationism and reject all teaching about human evolution? (This assumes that scientists do not accept the view that creation is incompatible with evolution.)

Should graduates and other donors withhold funds and refuse to send their children to conservative Christian colleges or universities that deny the compatibility of creation and evolution?


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